Feelgood food
fresh from a local kitchen
delivered at your doorstep.

A virtual community of neighbourhood kitchens.

Live Green is Dhaka's premier food tech company geared at making your life stress free! Our goal is to provide a high quality culinary experience which is ready whenever you are and wherever you are - made possible through our state-of-the-art cloud kitchen!

We aim to provide quality, originality and authenticity on a market saturated with unhealthy, hazardous and unsafe food.


Introducing the tenderest meats, bursting with some classic flavors and some crazy unique recipes!

Hotline Number +8801893425237


The first brand from LiveGreen BD, Smartmeal is designed with working individuals in mind. It is a budget-friendly food brand looking to replace dull office lunches!

Available to you 5 days a week you can subscribe for an entire month or try out a single meal to test the water!

Sign up now: bit.ly/smartmeal_signup

House Of Shen
When Thai and Chinese meets Bangla, its a party in the mouth! A typical oriental goodness made fresh daily on demand.
Lean On
Bowls of freshness that combines east asians ingredients in pure high frequency harmony and follows the healthiest recipes to boost your immunity.

Drum Rolls

And that’s a Wrapper

Packed with protein, some fresh veg and tantalising house special dips and sauces, Wrapper is the perfect brand for the go getters, hungry fellows!

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